What is less than a kilo?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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A micro is less.

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Q: What is less than a kilo?
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Give the value of a kilo?

It depends largely on what it's a kilo of--a kilo of brick dust is much less expensive than a kilo of steel, which is less expensive than a kilo of uranium.

Is 360 grams of flower less than a kilo?

Yes, it is less than a kilo. There are 1000 grams in a kilo, so 360 grams is just over 1/3rd of a kilo.

Is a pencil less equal to or greater than a kilo?

i believe less

How many kilo are there in 2 pounds of pork?

There are 0.907 kilograms in 2 pounds of pork.

Does along woolen overcoat weigh less than a kilo?

No it does not.

Is a kilo liter more or less than a liter?

More ;]

Does a dry inflated AFL football weigh less than 1 kilo?


Is 1 kg of wet paint heavier than 1kg of dry paint?

A kilo IS a kilo - They are the SAME > . . . Answer The kilo of wet paint, dried, will weigh less. Another answer However, a kilo of dried paint chips still weighs a kilo.

Why did oil need to be kilo rather than liter?

bcz oil has less density than water ..

Is a kilometer less than a meter?

No. It is 1000 times longer. Kilo means 1000.

Why do elephants need less energy per kilo than a mouse?

Elephants need less energy per kilo than a mouse because they have a lower metabolic rate relative to their body size. This is due to the fact that larger animals have a lower surface area-to-volume ratio, which reduces the amount of heat lost to the environment, allowing them to conserve energy. Additionally, elephants have slower heart rates and lower activity levels compared to mice, further contributing to their lower energy requirements per unit of mass.

Is 1 kg less than 1000g?

I kilogram IS 1000 grams. Kilo means thousand.