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-43! What is wrong with education these days! Ok, 0 is nothing. however -43 is 43 less then nothing, 43 less then 0

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Q: What is lower 0 or negative 43?
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What does negitive mean?

in mathimatics negative means lower then zero. (eg. -10 = 10 lower then 0 which is negative 10)

Is negative 43 over 0 a rational number?

It is not defined, so it is not a number of any kind.

Would negative 6 be larger than positive 3 in math?

no; any negative number would be lower than 0 negative 50 would still be lower than positive 3

What is the number for sea level?

The number for sea level would be 0. Everything above it is a higher number and everything lower is a negative number.

Can there be a negative pH?

No. pH is scaled from 0-14. there is nothing higher than 14, and nothing lower than 0.

Is negative 7 greater than negative 1?

no.. -7<-1 i.e "negative 7 is less than negative 1" ------------- negative numbers like -1 are less than 0, making any number after -1 even lower than 0 making the lower up negatives like -1 greater than higher number negatives like -7

The temperature of a cold glass of lemonade?

43 If there are ice cubes in the lemonade then 32°F or 0°C

What is 0 over 43 in fraction form?


What is the value of a baseball autographed by Alexi Casilla?

$0 to negative. It may actually lower the price of the baseball.

What temperature is lower negative 3 or negative 5?

-5 is lower

Which is bigger 1.2 or -0.5?


What is negative 43 plus positive 21 equals?

-43 + 21 = -22

Why the boiling point of liquid hydrogen chloride gas is negative and what does negative sign mean?

Negative temperatures mearly mean that they are below zero degrees. 0 degrees centigrade is the temperature that water freezes/melts at. Any chemical which is a gas at 0 dgrees Centigrade must have boiled at a lower temperautre than 0 degrees. If this temperature was for example 50 degrees lower than 0 degrees Centigrade you would write it as -50C, if it was 118 degrees below zero you would write it as -118C. However if the same temperatures were measured on the Kelvin temperature scale they would all be positive as it not possible to go lower than 0 degrees Kelvin. That temperature is called Absolute Zero.

What mean and upper or lower spec would produce a negative Cpk index?

If lower specification is kept 0 and upper sepecification is 0.2 and mean is 1.64883 havig sample number of 60 the the Cp turns out to be of 0.02 and Cpk is negative having thevalue of -0.35.

What is negative 26 plus negative 17?

The sum of -26 and -17 is -43.

What is the negative reciprocal of 0?

The negative reciprocal of zero would be any undefined fraction. 0/x=0 negative reciprocal: -(x/0)= undefined.

What is negative 4 times 0?

Negative 4 times 0 is 0.

Is negative 0 less than negative 6?

no 0 is neither positive or negative

What is negative 21.5 as a fraction?


What is negative 2 plus 43?


What is the negative inverse of 0 divided by 5.?


Can -4.3 be written as a fraction?

yes. it is written as -43/10 or negative forty three over ten. it can also be written as 43/-10 or forty three over negative ten. -43 43 ___ ___ 10 -10

If the exponent on a negative number is 0 is the number positive or negative?

Any positive number to the 0th power is one. ex. (51^0 = 1) Any negative number to the 0th power is negative one. ex. (-23^0 = -1) The exception is 0. 0^0 = 0

Can't there be a negative 0 degrees?

No 0 is neither positive or negative.

What is the longitude and latitude of Bulgaria?

Wgs84 43° 0′ 0″ n, 25° 0′ 0″ e 43, 25 utm 35t 336981 4762756