What is lower case letter?

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The two types of case are UPPER and lower case. This dates from the era when typesetters had to literally pick out individual letters from a rack to make up the page to be printed.

Capital letters were in the top part of the rack and the others were in the bottom half of the rack hence upper case (rack) and lower case (rack)

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Q: What is lower case letter?
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What is the genotype of a flower that is homozygous recessive?

lower case letter and lower case letter Example:ff

What is uppercse letter?

This is an uppercase letter A and this is a lower case letter a

What is a mixed case letter?

I'm assuming your looking for a password, a mixed case letter is a word that contains an upper case, and lower case letter. Example: Queen. I used Q as upper case and the rest as lower case. :)

Why do you dot an i?

You dot the letter 'i' because the letter 'i' was originally written that way in lower case, so we must always dot the lower case letter 'i'.

Why does the second letter have to be lower case?

Because it does

What does a lower case letter of an allele refer mean?

A lower case lettered allele means that the allele is recessive.

A recessive allele is respresented by?

a lower case letter that is the same letter as the upper case letter that represents the dominant allele

When an allel is described by a lower-case letter it is a?


What is recessive?

alleles that are represented with a lower case letter.

Does the letter e have a line of symmetry?

In the lower case: no.

Is the first letter of a chemical symbol always upper case or lower case?

upper case

What are upper and case and lower case letter?

Upper case letter - capital letter -- B Y D WLower case letter - small letter -- b y d wThey're called upper case because in old times the newspaper workers kept the letter stamps that were bigger on the upper case and smaller on the lower case. It makes alot of sense so, they just called it by their ''case''

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