What is mean't by being hygenic?

Updated: 9/20/2023
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Q: What is mean't by being hygenic?
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Does a isosceles trapezium have parallel side?

Assuming that: iscoleses was meant to be isosceles,trampizium was meant to be trapezium, parralell was meant to be parallel, then the answer is yes. Every trapezium has one pair of parallel sides.The trapezium being isosceles is not relevant.

What if john 1 is meant as the beginning was when the word was spoken?

not an answer more question And that the word being spoken was God speeking Jesus into being (as in creating him) at the moment time began ?

How do you write 3.4 Billion dollars?

$3,400,000,000 USD 3,400,000,000. That is, if you meant US dollars. The internationally agreed symbol for US dollars is USD but you could have meant dollars used by other countries. If so, my apologies for being presumptious.

What is meant by a circle being circumscribed about a polygon?

It means drawing a circle around a polygon in such that each vertex of the polygon is on the circumference of the circle.

What is meant by area of interest in HR?

That is the job, career or field in which a potential or new employee wants to work or for which he/she is being considered or has been hired.

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What is Hygenic Corporation's population?

Hygenic Corporation's population is 300.

When was Hygenic Corporation created?

Hygenic Corporation was created in 1925.

How would a 6 year old boy get mono?

by not being hygenic... or kissing tho too young

How do you spell higeinec?

It is hygenic.

What is the adjective for hygiene?

The adjective form for hygiene is hygenic. An example would be "This restaurant trains all employees in hygenic practices."

How does john cena feel when he takes a shower?


Do shiites stink?

No. Shiites are just as hygenic as anyone else.

Are shiites dirty?

No. Shiites are just as hygenic as anyone else.

How do you spell baday?

The name for the hygenic toilet apparatus is a bidet.

Where you can get Hindi essay on cleanliness?

people should learn to be hygenic

How do you keep hygenic during puberty?

Soap and water and a strong deodorant.

Is it hygenic to brush your teeth?

you must if you dont wanna your teeth to dissolve