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Absolute values are essentially used for the magnitude (distance) to zero of a number. They are represented by a number inside a vertical bar (e.g., |2|)


| 2 | = 2 (the absolute value of 2 is equal to 2)

| -4 | = 4 (the absolute value of -4 is 4)

In terms of rational numbers, it just means to hold the fraction. Rational numbers can be written in a/b (fraction) form.


| 1+2/3 | = 1+2/3 (the absolute value of one and two thirds is equal to one and two thirds)

| -1-2/3| = 1+2/3 (the absolute value of -1 minus 2/3 is equal to 1 and 2/3.

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Q: What is mean by absolute value of rational numbers?
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What negative numbers are less than positive numbers. Does this mean that the absolute value of a negative number must be less than the absolute value of a positive number Explain?

No it is not true. The absolute value of a number is simply the value of the number with a positive sign.

Why -24 and 24 have the value?

I suppose you mean "why do they have the same absolute value". This is because of the way the absolute value is defined. The absolute value is the "distance from zero"; it may help to look at the numbers on a number line to get this clear.

What does greatest absolute value mean?

It means that you take the absolute values of different numbers, and then compare them to see which one is greater.

What is the absolute value of 2 number?

the anserw is two. because absolute value mean the amount away from 0 and two is two numbers away from zero.

Is 2 13 a rational number why or why not?

If you mean 213 then it is a rational number because all integers or whole numbers are rational numbers.

Why does the mean absolute value deviation is calculated using absolute value?

if no absolute value is used the sum is zero.

What is the mean absolute deviation of the numbers 252529313337384246?

The mean absolute deviation of this problem is 6.

What does absolute value inequality mean?

It is an equation used to anwer an absolute value inequality.

What does absolute vaule mean?

The absolute value of a number (in any dimension) is the positive distance between that number and the origin. For ordinary, real numbers, absolute value is simple; e.g. |5| = 5 and |-4.3| = 4.3. For complex numbers in the form a + bi, the "absolute value" is also the length from that point on the plane to the origin, which, by the Pythagorean theorem, is sqrt(a2 + b2). For example, |4 + 3i| = sqrt(42 + 32) = 5.

What does a word problem using rational number and its solution mean?

It means that either the numbers involved in the word problem are all rational or that any irrational numbers are being approximated by rational numbers.

What is the absolute number for 3.2?

If you mean the absolute value: the absolute value of a positive number is the number itself, in this case, 3.2.

Is absolute value of any number positive?

No. The absolute value is non-negative but, to be pedantic, that does not mean positive. The absolute value of 0 is 0 which is NOT positive.