What is mean by normal partner?

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There are a few things that could be meant by normal partner. This could mean your normal partnent in work, crime, school, ect. This could also mean your normal partner in life instead of the one you are pretending with. Lastly, this could also be someone beaing mean to a gay could meaning a normal partner is someone of a different sex.

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Q: What is mean by normal partner?
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what does a trading partner mean

Your partner thinks of other people what does that mean?

it is normal for them to be attracted to other people the fact the person is still with you means that they want you!

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It doesn't automatically mean that you have genital warts if your partner did. My partner was infected, but I wasn't.

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Many people like their friends partner. That is perfectly normal. If you mean something more than 'like' then show your friend and his partner some respect and keep such matters to yourself.

If you died would your ex-partner be next of kin to your daughter?

If you mean business partner, no. If you mean life partner who is the daughter's parent, yes. If you mean life partner who is not the parent, not unless you name them in the will to be the guardian of your daughter.

What is the normal age you should make out with your partner?

15 or 16

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Either that your partner was driving the other car or the partner was in your car.

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When it comes to relationships "Normal" has to be defined by you and your partner. I can tell you that in most cultures it is considered a sensual part of relationships to bathe together and to groom your partner.

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