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The additive identity for rational numbers is 0. It is the only rational number such that, for any rational number x,

x + 0 = 0 + x = x

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Q: What is meant by additive identity in rational numbers?
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What is the sum of any rational number and its opposite explain?

If the opposite is meant to be the additive opposite and not the multiplicative opposite, then their sum is zero. The reason is that is what defines an additive opposite!

Is a rational number always an integer?

No. There is no numbers that is an ineger.If you meant integer, then the the answer is still NO. The set of integers is a proper subset of rational numbers.

What is meant by identity?

what is meant by the term identity politics

What is meant by identity politics?

what is meant by the term identity politics

What is the set of counting numbers and their opposites?

The answer depends on what is meant by "their opposites". If you mean additive opposites then the set is of all non-zero integers.

Which one of these is a rational number?

I cannot see any numbers. If I were to guess what numbers were meant to be in the question then I may as well make up my own questions and answer them!

What is every positive number and its negative pair called?

That would be the set of all non-zero numbers. If by number you actually meant whole numbers, that is integers, then it would be the set of all non-zero integers. They are also called Additive Inverses. For example, -5 is the additive inverse of 5, because 5 + (-5) = 0. Similarly, 7 is the additive inverse of -7 because (-7) + 7 = 0.

What is meant by rational number?

A rational number can be expressed as a fraction whereas an irrational number can't.

How do you find 5 rational numbers between 5 and 5?

-- First of all, the space "between 5 and 5" is zero, so there are no numbersof any kind in there.Let's assume that you meant to type "5 and 15".-- A lot of people don't realize that any number you can completely write downon paper is rational. So just pick any numbers you like in that range, write themdown on paper, and you'll have your list of rational numbers.

Is 0.5555 irrational or rational?

0.5555 is rational. If, however, you meant 0.5555..., meaning the 5's repeat forever, then it is irrational.

Is 2.555... a rational number?

The answer depends on the ellipsis. If the .. is meant to indicate that the string of 5s continues without end ten it is a rational number.

Is 040040004 a rational number?

yes, it is rational. In fact, it is an integer. It's prime factorization is 2^2 * 3 * 67 * 49801 If you meant .040040004, then yes, it is still rational. It can be written as a fraction as 40040004/100000000. any terminating decimal is a rational number.

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