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this function is extremely used in probability theory like this bell curve

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Q: What is meant by gaussian function?
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What is gaussian filter in term of image processing?

the gaussian filter is also known as Gaussian smoothing and is the result of blurring an image by a Gaussian function.

What is the Gaussian copula function for finance what is the equation and how do I solve it?

The Gaussian Copula function for finance has been totally discredited and you shouldn't touch it with a barge-pole. See The Formula That Sank Wall Street in Wired magazine.

What kind of graph is a bell shaped curve?

The bell curve graph is another name for a normal (Gaussian) distribution graph. A Gaussian function is a certain kind of function whose graph results in a bell-shaped curve.

Is probability density function and gaussian distribution function are same?

yes, h=1/sigma(standard deviation)

What kind of probabilistic distribution is followed by the random number generation function in C?


What do you mean by gaussian?

The Gaussian distribution is the same as the normal distribution. Sometimes, "Gaussian" is used as in "Gaussian noise" and "Gaussian process." See related links, Interesting that Gauss did not first derive this distribution. That honor goes to de Moivre in 1773.

What is the difference between white Gaussian noise and additive white Gaussian noise?

A Gaussian noise is a type of statistical noise in which the amplitude of the noise follows that of a Gaussian distribustion whereas additive white Gaussian noise is a linear combination of a Gaussian noise and a white noise (white noise has a flat or constant power spectral density).

Autocorrelation Characteristics of Super-Gaussian Optical Pulse?

autocorrelation characteristics of super gaussian optical pulse with gaussian optical pulse.

What does it mean when you say a variable is normally distributed?

It means that the probability distribution function of the variable is the Gaussian or normal distribution.

What is the probability that a gaussian probability density function will take a value less than -2?

Assuming that you are considering a N(0,1) Gaussian distribution, the answer is approximately 1 in 20. The 0.95%ile (two tailed) occurs at -1.96 and 1.96.

How do you get symmetric Gaussian curve?

when the signals are symmetric then this signals are gaussian In statistics, the Gaussian curve, also known as the Normal curve, is symmetrical.

Where can one get a Gaussian Copula?

There are many places where one can get a Gaussian Copula. One can get a Gaussian Copula at popular on the web sources such as Wired, UCL Finds, and SPS.

What has the author Farag Abdel-Salam Attia written?

Farag Abdel-Salam Attia has written: 'On the distribution function of the interval between zero-crossings of a stationary Gaussian process' -- subject(s): Distribution (Probability theory), Gaussian processes

What is the distribution of the maxima of the Gaussian free field for dimensions higher than or equal to three?

The Gaussian Free Field (GFF) of dimension d is a gaussian stochastic process $(X_v, v \in B_N)$ where the variables are indexed by the vertices of a box $B_N \in \mathbb{Z}^d$. The covariance matrix is given by the Green's function of the discrete Laplace operator on $B_N$ with Dirichlet boundary conditions.

Matlab program for high pass filter using gaussian?

high pass filterin with gaussian

Which is more efficient for solving linear systems gaussian elimination or cramer's rule?

Of course, Gaussian Elimination!

Why is the normal probability distribution called a family of normal probability distribution?

Because very many variables tend to have the Gaussian distribution. Furthermore, even if the underlying distribution is non-Gaussian, the distribution of the means of repeated samples will be Gaussian. As a result, the Gaussian distributions are also referred to as Normal.

What shape is the graph of a Gaussian function?

A Guassian function has a top in the middle and it's ends reach until infinity but the graph never touches the x axis. The location of the top depends on the parameters used.

What is gaussian frequency curve?

The Gaussian curve is the Normal distributoin curve, the commonest (and most studied) of statistical distributions.

What is the use of gaussian elimination in education world situations?

Gaussian elimination is used to solve systems of linear equations.

What is Gaussian Model?

The Gaussian probability density distribution (pdf) is referred to as the Normal distribution. The Gaussian model results in a Gaussian pdf. Interesting, it didn't come from Gauss, but de Moivre, one of the greatest mathematicians of the 18th century, at least in my opinion. See related links.

A 2d shape beginning with the letter g?

A 2D shape beginning with the letter G is called the Gaussian function. It is actually a graph that has a symmetrical "bell curve" shape. This function is usually used in the field of statistics.

What do you mean by function to pointer?

Nothing. You might have meant pointer-to-function.

How do you generate a Gaussian bell shape graph when you have a mean and standard deviation and absolutely no other data?

The Gaussian "Bell" Curve has probability density function: f(x)= exp{-((x-mu)2/(2*sigma2)) } / (sigma*sqrt(2*pi)) where mu=mean & sigma=standard deviation

What does it mean for a population to be normally distributed?

A Gaussian distribution is the "official" term for the Normal distribution. This is a probability density function, of the exponential family, defined by the two parameters, its mean and variance. A population is said to be normally distributed if the values that a variable of interest can take have a normal or Gaussian distribution within that population.

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