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It means you're about to ovulate.

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Q: What is meant by the term ovary shows dominant follicle measuring 23 x 25 mm?
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What does 'a 1.8 X2.9 X 2.8 CM follicle in the left ovary and no free fluid' mean?

If this is in your body, are you really going to accept the explanation you get from some anonymousweirdo on the internet ??PLEASE . . . discuss it with your doctor, and keep discussing until you completely understand what he'stalking about.

What is ovaries are oval-shape organs?

It is a false statement. The word "oval" is derived from ova = egg, as is the word "ovary". But an ovary is only very approximately oval-shaped.

You are 22 years old with pcos you just finished a cycle you have your left ovary measuring 10.3 cm x 6.00 cm and your right 8.13 cm x 5.56 cm does this indicate anything?

A real doctor, preferably a gynecologist, is the best person to answer that question. As for me, I'm pretty sure it indicates something.

What does 'a 1.4 X 1.8 CM follicle in the left ovary and no free fluid' mean?

Assuming you haven't been through menopause yet, it's a good thing! Follicles form normally when you ovulate...they will always show up in an ultrasound of your ovaries. When they do these, they also look for ascites which is a fluid that builds up around ovarian tumors...sounds like your scan was normal...I have them done every 3 months due to a family history of ovarian cancer and have done lots of research to understand my test results.

What is pistal?

In Botany, the pistil is the female organs of a flower, comprising the stigma, style, and ovary. The anther is the part of a stamen that contains the pollen.