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Acoustic impedance is the measurement that indicates how much sound pressure the vibration of molecules at a given frequency is generated. Attenuation refers to the gradual loss in intensity through a medium, such as light and sound in water.

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Q: What is meant by the terms acoustic impedance and attenuation?
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What is the acoustic impedance of silicone?

Siloxanes have velocities around 900m/s and densities in the neighborhood of 1.2g/cc, so that makes their impedances around 1.1 MRayl. If you want to match living tissue you need a higher impedance, so typically metal-oxide fillers are used to increase the density of silicones that are used for transducer lenses. A better question might be, "How high can we push the density of silicone with fillers before the attenuation gets so high that it's useless?" In practical terms, 1.3-1.4 MRayl is all you can get from a filled siloxane rubber if it's for a window application.

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