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Q: What is meant by the urogenital area?
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What are urogenital problems?

The problem that took place in the urine is urogenital problem Urogenital problems are problems and diseases associated with the Renal tract and the reproductive system

What internal organs connect to the urogenital in a perch fish?

testes and ovaries are connected by tubes to the urogenital opening in a perch fish.

What is urogenital flora?

Urogenital is defined as relating to the genital and urinary organs. Flora is defined as fungi or bacteria found on an organ.

What organs makes up the urogenital system?

Thre is no urogenital system, The urinary system is made up of the urethra, kidnys and nephrones

What muscles make up the urogenital triangle?

The urogenital triangle is made up of the Sphincter urethrae and the deep transverse perineal muscles.

What is mixed urogenital flora?

Mixed urogenital flora indicates contamination of the sample due to improper collection, storage and/or transport techniques. Mixed urogenital flora includes normal skin and/or genital flora without the presence of a predominating pathogen.

The male fetal pig has the urogenital tract near the umbilical cord.?

In male fetal pigs, the urogenital tract is located near the umbilical cord as part of the development process. This positioning eventually changes as the pig matures and the urogenital organs descend into the scrotum.

What is the function of the genital papilla?

To protect/cover the opening to the urogenital tract.

What has the author John Reynard written?

John Reynard has written: 'Oxford handbook of urology' -- subject(s): Diseases, Female Urogenital Diseases, Handbooks, Handbooks, manuals, Male Urogenital Diseases, Urinary organs, Urogenital Diseases, Urologic Diseases, Urology

Differences in male and female pig external genitalia?

One difference in male and female pig external genitalia is the location of the urogenital opening. In the male the urogenital opening is located underneath the umbilical cord. In the female the urogenital opening is located underneath the genital papilla.

What is the name of the upper layer of the perineum?

The urogenital triangle.

What system does the kidneys come from?

It belongs to the Urogenital system