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Q: What is measured in litres per minute?
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650 gallons per minute how many liters per minute is that?

2,460.52 litres per minute.

How do you convert liters per minute to gallons per minute?

Divide the litres per minute by 4.55

Convert 0.50 liters per second into liters per minute?

0.50 litres per sec = 0.50*60 = 30 litres/minute

25 liters per minute to cubic meters per minute?

25 litres per minute equates to 0.025 cubic metres per minute.

What are the units for acceleration if speed is measured in meters per minute and time is measured in minutes?

Meters per minute, per minute M/min/min Think of it as "How many meters per minute is gained, per minute"

Can revolution per minute convert to liters per minute?

Not in any sensible way. RPM is a measure of (angular) velocity whereas litres per minute is a rate of flow. Your hard disk will have an rpm but what does litres per miute mean in terms of the disk?

What is 136 cubic meters per minute to liters per second?

136 cubic meters per minute = 2,266.66 litres per second.

How exercise effects the heart beat?

Your cardiac out put is about 5 litres per hour. It may increase in severe exercise to 25 litres per minute. Your muscles get about 20 litres of blood supply, instead of less than a litre per minute. To meet the increased demand, your heart beats at faster rate. It may go up from 72 beats per minute to 180 beats per minute.

How much gallon per minute does 1000 liters per hour equals how many gallons per minute?

1000 litres per hour equates to 3.667 Imperial gallons per minute or 4.4 US gallons per minute.

How does the circulatory system help to make more oxygen?

You have cardiac out put of five litres per minute only. It can be increased to 25 litres per minute during exercise. Your respiratory rate is about 12 per minute. This rate can be increased to 60 per minute. In natural course this helps to make more oxygen for your body needs.

What is 3 liters per 60 seconds?

It is 3 litres per minute. It is also 1 litre per 20 seconds. or even 180 litres per hour. etc.

Is heart rate measured after 1 minute or 2 minutes.?

the heart rate measured is after 1 minute.....example: 69 rat heart per minute