What is melting pt of earwax?

Updated: 9/23/2023
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Q: What is melting pt of earwax?
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Another name for earwax?

Another name for earwax is cerumen. Earwax is a waxy substance that is yellow in color and is secreted in the ear canal.

Is earwax normal?

It is normal for the ear canal to have some yellowish-brown earwax

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Why ears have earwax?

That's a good question! As I understand it, earwax protects the ear by the collection & removal of foreign bodies!

Does God have earwax?

No. God does not have earwax, for He has no physical ears, for He is God, spirit, and therefore not man.

Is earwax good for a cold sore after a scab has formed?

Earwax isn't good for a cold sore after a scab has formed.

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How do you turn earwax into gold?

You can't.

What is the real name for earwax?


What is earwax made by?

Ceruminous glands.