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-8 - (-7 + 1) = -8 - (-6) = -8 + 6 = -2

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Q: What is minus 8 take away minus 7 plus 1?
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What is 1 plus 1 minus 1 times 4567 minus 0.5 plus 1.5 minus 1?


What is the answer to 1 plus 279 plus 428 take away 93 take away 162 take away 940?


What is 1 plus 1 minus 2 plus 3 plus 4 minus 7?

The answer is 0.

What is two minus one minus one plus one minus one plus three minus two plus six?

9A:2 - 1 - 1 + 1 - 1 + 3 - 2 + 6 = 7The answer is seven.

What is infinity take away 1?

As difficult as it is to understand, Infinity minus 1 is still Infinity.

What is a plus times a plus?

A plus times a plus is still a plus. Below is the way I remembered it: If there is not a minus sign, it is plus (positive). If there is 1 minus sign, it is minus (negative). If there are 2 minus signs, it is plus (positive).

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1 minus 1/4 = 3/4

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1 (found on google)

Does a negative number minus a positive number equal a positive?

The simple answer to the question is no, under no circumstances. To work out the right answer for different combinations of signs, read on. When two signs are different, take the smaller number from the bigger number and keep the sign of the bigger number.Let's work out some examples...* minus one (-1) and (plus) another minus one, is minus two (-2) * minus one (-1) minus (take away) one, is also minus two (-2)So if you take away any positive number from a negative number, the result gets more and more negative as the value of the second number increases. Now let's try adding a positive number to a negative number...* minus two (-2) plus one (+1) = minus one (-1) * minus two (-2) plus two (+2) = zero (0) * minus two (-2) plus three (+3) = one (1)So adding a positive number to a minus number only equals a positive number when the value of the positive number is greater than the negative number.

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