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Q: What is momentum divided by mass?
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Is it true that momentum is not equal to the mass of an object divided by its velocity?

That is true because momentum is mass times velocity

How do you determine mass using momentum and velocity?

Momentum = (mass) times (velocity)mass = (Momentum) divided by (velocity)

What is Mass times distance divided by time?

Momentum. Distance divided by time is speed. Mass times speed is momentum.

What is momentum divided by velocity?

Momentum = mass x velocity. If you divide out the velocity you get mass.

What equals momentum divided by velocity?

That's mass .

Is mass inversely proportional to momentum?

Mass is proportional to momentum. Momentum is the product of mass and velocity. When mass increases, momentum increases.

How do you find momentum weight and velocity?

First you have to convert weight into mass. This is dependent on the acceleration the mass is experiencing (either gravitational or centrifugal). If it is gravitational and it is at or near the surface of the Earth then mass=weight/9.81m/s2 If it is centrifugal then a=v2/r and mass=weight*r/v2 Then to find momentum just multiply mass by velocity.

What is the momentum of a truck with a mass of 4500 kg traveling at 25 m divided by s?

Magnitude of momentum = (mass) x (speed) = (4,500) x (25) = 112,500 kilogram-meters/second

How do you find mass if you are given the momentum and the speed?

momentum = mass x velocity => mass = momentum / velocity

How is momentum and mass related?

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity.

What is the relationship of mass to momentum?

Momentum is the product of mass and velocity

What effect does mass of the object have on its momentum?

Yes, mass will affect momentum in a collision or in anything else. Any object with mass and non-zero velocity will have momentum. Mass is directly proportional to momentum. Double the mass of an object moving with a given velocity and the momentum doubles.