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What is more than nothing but less than something?

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All positive numbers are more than nothing (zero) but less than something (a bigger number).

2010-10-21 09:02:47
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Q: What is more than nothing but less than something?
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Is 103 more then or less than 301?

less. One hundred and something is always less than three hundred and something.

What does it mean to add less than nothing to something?

It means to but the Lil bit that you have to something that's nothing , then you will make it out of something , as in give to gain

What is less than five but more than ten?

Nothing is both less than 5 and greater than 10. It is impossible.

When is nothing better than something when nothing does not exist and something exist?

If something exists and nothing doesn't exist then nothing is never better than something. Nothing does not exist so it can't be better than something. Answer Or...if you have something but it's terrible or miserable then...nothing CAN be better than something. :-)

Is nothing really nothing or could it be something more than nothing as some philosophers have thought?

There is probably no such thing as 'nothing'. Ask yourself "What is the question to which I would give the answer 'nothing'?" Almost invariably, the answer will be something other than 'nothing'.

Is two thirds more or less than half of something?


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Why would it be important to use milligrams to measure mass?

It would depend on what you are comparing it to. Since there is nothing given, we will compare it to a gram. There are 1000 milligrams in 1 gram. So, if we are referring to something that weighs less than a gram in milligrams, we will get a much more precise measurement. For example, saying we have 5 milligrams of something is much more precise than saying we have less than a gram of something.

What is something one considers more important than God?

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When was Nothing Less Than Brilliant created?

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What is less than 18 over 100 and more than 3 over 10?

Nothing. Any number that is less than 18/100 it must be less than 3/10.

Is a fraction something less than one?

No. A fraction can be more than one as well.

What does nothing more nothing less mean?

It means that nothing should be assumed other than what the speaker has said; the speaker means exactly what has been stated, as it is stated. The expression tends to be used when criticizing someone: "That man is a traitor, nothing more and nothing less!"

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You have it slightly backwards. Something that has more thermal energy is often, but not always, hotter than something that has less thermal energy.

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I think it is a strange coincidence and it is nothing more nothing less than that.

What is more than light speed?

Nothing. Nothing can travel faster than light.=========================================Any distance longer than 299,792,458 meters, covered in less than 1 second by your clock,is more than light speed.As noted in the first answer, above, nothing can travel at such a speed.

What are the release dates for Less Than Nothing - 2012?

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Does a base have more or less hydrogen ions than an acid?

l would say less. When something is acidic, it has more H+ ions.

What is the meaning for nothing more than?

Nothing more than means no more than, the same as, a maximum of, simply, merely, nothing but.

How can you determine if something is more or less dense than a given liquid?

Put the "something" into the liquid, and see if it will float.

Can a probability be more than 1 or less than 0?

No. A probability of 1 means something will definitely happen. There cannot be a greater certainty than that, so probability cannot be greater than 1. 0 means there is no chance of something happening. You cannot have less than no chance of something happening. So a probability cannot be less than 0.