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Q: What is my stride length if a mile is 2433 steps?
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If your stride length is 2 ft how many steps to equal 1 mile?

Since there are 5280 feet in a mile, you just divide that number by your stride length of 2 to give you 2640 steps.

How many steps in 1 tenth of a mile?

The answer depends on the length of your stride.

How many steps in one mile?

That depends on the length of your stride and terrain undertaken.

If my stride is 3 feet. How many steps in a mile?

1,760 steps.

How many steps in a mile when you have a 28 inch stride?

1 mile = 63360 inches so, at 28 inches to a stride, 1 mile = 63360/28 = 2262.9 step, that is 2263 steps.

How many steps is in a mile and a half?

An adult of height 6' has a stride length of approximately 1 yard. 11/2 miles = 2640 yards. But most adults would not have this length of stride, therefore to cover 11/2 miles would take about 3000-3300 steps.

How many steps in a one fourth of a mile?

It depends on how long your stride is

How many miles are in 2900 steps using the Wii Fit?

It takes about 2000 steps to walk one mile (it varies depending on stride length). So, walking 2900 steps on your Wii Fit is close to a mile and a half. Not quite though. Hope this helped.

How many steps make 1 mile?

not sure how wide your steps are.... there are 5280 feet in a mile so if your stride is 1 foot....there would be 5280 steps in ur mile...

How many steps are in 1 mile?

This depends...If you have longer legs you can take less steps to complete a mile. It all depends on your stride. A stride is how many feet or inches you walk each time you take a step. Shorter or younger people take smaller strides than taller people.If you have a standard 30" military stride, then there are about 2,112 steps in a mile.

How many steps in .1 mile?

an average person has a stride of between 2 and 2.5 feet. Meaning over 2000 steps to walk one mile

If you walk 1 mile how many tenths is that?

That long is your stride and how many steps have you taken?