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Q: What is name of contest with 5 events?
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What is the name of an athletic contest of three different events?


What is the name of an athletic contest with four different events?

The correct terminology for this would be a "quadrathlon"(quadrathon).

What is another name for pageant?

Beauty Contest Beauty Pageant and in some cases, such as church events: A Play A Musical

What kind of contest has seven events?


What type of basketball events are there?

There is a regular basketball game, a three point contest, and a dunk contest.

Name some NBA events?

Well, there are this events: NBA All Star game (Eastern against Western Conference), NBA slam Dunk Contest, NBA 3point shoot out.

What is an athletic contest containing five competitive events called?


What events are in both modern and ancient Olympics?

Contest for eating ploop

What is a Hepthalon?

Did you mean "heptathlon"? A heptathlon is a track and field athletics combined events contest made up of seven events.

How do you judge a best manager contest?

simply sit there and watch the events unfold!

Major events in Ireland in the 1940s 50s and 60s?

pussy eating contest

Each sporting contest is known as an?

i believe they could be called events or games