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How about 8 as one example

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Q: What is natural number greater than 7?
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What is 7 greater than half a number?

7 greater than half a number

What is the definition of greater than?

ANY number greater than the number before the greater than, so if the answer is greater than 7 then one solution is 7.00000000000000000000000000000000001

Which is a greater number -3 or -7?


What is divided by 7 greater than 800?

Any number greater than 800*7 = 5600.

Is the number 7 greater than 0.66?


What number is greater than -2/5?


What number is 7 greater than -14?


Which is greater -7 7 3 -3?

Of these four numbers, 7 is the greater one. To help explain it: If the number is a positive number, then the higher the number, the greater the value. But if it's a negative (-) number, then the higher the number, the less the value of it is. Since -7 is the same as 0 minus 7, it would be the least. So that means the 7 would be the greatest number. And the 3 is greater than the -3 and greater than the -7, too.

Which number is greater -7 or 2?

2 is greater than -7.

7 greater than or less than -12?


What is the PH of a number greater than 7?

it is a base I

Is the integer number -7 greater than 5?