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-2/3 divided by 5/9 = -6/5

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Q: What is negative 2 over 3 divided by five over nine written in simplest form?
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What is negative two divided by negative five?

-2/-5 = 0.4

What is the answer to ninety divided by negative five?


What is ten divided by negative five?


What is negative nine divided by five?


What is 5 over 15 in its simplest fraction?

In simplest terms, 5/15 is 1/3. Five goes into both numbers evenly, thus five divided by five is one, and 15 divided by five is three.

What is negative one divided by five?


What is negative 5 twelves divided by 2 thirds?


What is five twelfths divided by 15?

5/12 divided by 15 = 1/36 in its simplest form

What is Five fourths divided by negative three?


What is ninety divided by negative five?

90 ÷ -5 = -18

What is one hundred divided by negative five?

it is -20 because negative and a positive= negative

What is nineteen divided by neagtive five?

(19) / (-5) = negative 3.8

What is negative forty five divided by nine?

-45 / 9 = -5

What is two thirds divided by negative five twelve?


What is five and five sixth divided by two and two thirds?

In simplest terms, 35/16 or 23/16

What is negative five seventy five over eleven hundred and fifty equal?

In its simplest form, -1/2

What is negative five ninths times six eighths?

Expressed as a proper fraction in its simplest form, -5/9 x 6/8 = -5/12 or negative five twelfths.

What is negative one fourth divided by five eighths?

-1/4 divided by 5/8 equals -0.4 or -2/5

What is five sixths divided by fifteen?

5/6 ÷ 15 = 1/18 in simplest terms.

Is a slope of negative five parallel to a slope of 1 over negative point 2 since 1 divided by negative point 2 equals -5?


What kind of number is minus 4 divided to five?

A negative rational (also real) number.

One over four divided by negative two over five?

The answer to 1/4 divided by -2/5 equals -0.025. This is a math problem.

Is five tenths the most simplest form?

No. One half is simplest form. Both 5 and 10 can be divided by 5, so the simplest form of 5/10 is 1/2.

What is the three eights divided by five eights?

24 over 40 or 3 over 5 in simplest form

What is you over 2 divided by negative 1 over five?

Anything divided by negative one fifth is the same as multiplied by negative 5.In this case, it would be -5you/2, which could be -5u/2, but I suspect it's -5/2 or -2 and 1/2