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Q: What is negative 4 times 3 minus negative 4 minus negative 10 cubed plus three divided by three?
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What is the answer to negative ten minus negative two divided by two plus three?

negative 3

What is minus minus minus?

minus (negative) A negative number multiplied or divided by a negative is a positive. Then, multiplied or divided by another negative gives you a negative. A negative added to a negative is a negative. So adding a third negative is still a negative. Subtracting a - from a - is a -. So, subtracting a third - is still a -. No matter what operation you do, three negatives is a negative.

Does twelve divided by minus four equal three?

No, 12/-4 = -3 A negative times negative is positive, so positive divided by negative is a negative.

What is the computation of three minus negative three minus negative seven?


Two x cubed minus x minus three?

it equals 5

How do you do minus nine divided by 3?

(-9) / 3 = -3 . Minus nine divided by three is equal to minus three

What is negative 3 minus 1?

a minus three minus an neative one is a negative four

What is negative three minus negative eleven?

-3 minus -11 is 8.

What is the derivative of 1 divided by x to the third power?

1 divided by x to the third power equals x to the negative third. The derivative of x to the negative third is minus three x to the negative fourth.

What is negative ten minus negative seven?

Negative three.

What does negative three minus negative two equals?

-3 minus -2 is -1.

What is 3 times negative 2 minus three?

Three times negative 2 minus three is equal to -9

What is three minus negative four?

3-(-4)= 3+4= 7

What is the answer to negative three minus one?

Negative four

What is negative three minus five?

negative 8

What is negative one minus three?

negative 4.

What is 3 divided minus 6?


Use three 3's to make 24?

Three cubed minus three equals twenty four.

What does 8 minus negative 3 equal?

8 minus negative three or 8--3 equal positive 11. The double negative converts the minus sign into a plus sign and the negative into a positive.

What is negative three and a half minus one and four fifths?

Negative 5 and three tenths.

What is the answer of negative three minus negative six?

-3-(-6) = 3

What is negative three minus negative eight?

It is: -3--8 = 5

What is negative eight fifths minus negative three fifths?

the answer is negative 11 fifths

What is the answer of positive three minus negative one?

3 minus -1 is 4.

What is negative nine minus three?