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- (5-1/4) + (2/3) = - (21/4) + (2/3) = - (63/12) + (8/12) = negative 55/12

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Q: What is negative five and one fourth plus two thirds equal to?
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What five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth?

Five eights plus two thirds minus one fourth is equal to 1.04

What is negative five thirds multiplied by negative two thirds?


What is negative two minus five thirds?

negative three and two thirds

What is negative five thirds as a decimal?


What is two thirds minus five eighths?

One Fourth

What is negative 5 twelves divided by 2 thirds?


What does zero plus negative five equal?

Negative five.

Two and two thirds plus two and two thirds equal?

five and one third

What fraction is closer to zero negative five twelves or negative two thirds?


What is two thirds divided by negative five twelve?


What is five times negative two thirds?

-3 1/3

What is five fourth divided by five thirds?

5/4 x 3/5 = 3/4

What is five thirds equal to?

5/3 = 12/3

What is three and five eighths plus negative five and one fourth equal to?

3&5/8 +-5&1/4=-1&5/8

How do you write five to the negative fourth power?

Five to the negative 4th power = 5-4 = 625

Does three thirds equal five fifths?

Yes, they both equal one (1).

Are one fourth and five twelfths equal or not?


Is five and negative five equal or different?

It depends, if you are looking for the absolute value then it would be equal. It is different if it is negative and positive.

What is one and five twelves times two thirds equal?


How many thirds are there in five-ninth?

There is one third in five ninths, with a remainder of two ninths. Six ninths would be equal to two thirds.

What is five to the fourth power times seven to the fourth power equal to?

The Answer is 656

Which is bigger negative five twelves or negative two thirds?

- 5/12 - 2/3 = -8/12

Which is the smaller number negative one fourth or negative one point five?

one-fourth = 0.25 So, negative one-fourth = -0.25 Negative 1.5 = -1.5 -0.25 is greater than -1.5

What is two-thirds minus one-fourth?

Five-twelfths or 5/12

How do you cut a star into equal thirds?

A five-pointed star: with great difficulty.