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-5 - (-7) - (-24) = -5 + 7 + 24 = 26

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Q: What is negative five minus negative seven minus negative twenty four?
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Does negative forty five minus positive eighty two equal negative one hundred twenty seven?


What is negative twenty five minus seventeen?


What is negative five minus twenty-five?

-5 - 25 = -30

Negative seven minus five?

-7 minus 5 is -12.

What is five minus twelve?

negative seven, -7

What is negative twenty- six minus negative nine four over five?


What is positive five minus negative seven equal?


What is twenty-five fourths minus negative one?

It is twenty-nine fourths or 7 and one fourth.

What is the answer to five less seven?

Five minus seven is negative two. Here's a trick: switch the numbers around and then take your answer. Give it a minus sign.

What is Twenty seven x square minus seventy five?

1511875... i think :)

Is negative five minus two is equal to negative five plus negative two?

Negative five minus two = seven(-5-2=7) Negative plus negative two also = 7(-5--2=7) so the answer is same so the answer is YES.

What is twenty five minus one third?

Twenty five minus one third is 24 and 2/3. You may have also meant twenty five minus one third of twenty five. That would be 16 and 2/3.

What is two over nine minus five over twenty seven?

2/9 minus 5/27 = 1/27

What is negative point seven five x squared plus five x minus four?

54.3 squared

What is negative 6 and three twenty-fifths minus one third?

We can convert into seventy-fifths. 6 and nine seventy-fifths minus twenty-five seventy-fifths equals negative 6 and thirty-four seventy-fifths.

What is twenty minus five?


What is negative nine minus negative five?

-9 minus -5 is -4

What is negative 2 minus 3?

Negative 2 minus 3 equals negative five

What is five x squared minus twenty seven x minus eighteen factored?

5x2 - 27x - 18 = (5x + 3)(x - 6)

What is twelve minus seven?

Twelve minus seven is five

What is seven-eighths minus five-sevenths?

two forty-fifths or one twenty-eighth

How do you solve 2 minus five over seven?

2 minus 5 is -3, sooo your answer should be negative 3 over 7.

What is seven minus five?

seven minus five equals two. 7 - 5 = 2.

What is negative two minus negative five and a half?

-2 minus -5.5 is 3.5

how do you write 7.25 in word form?

Seven and a quarterSeven point two fiveSeven and twenty-five hundredths