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(-5)-(-3)-(-1)-1-3-5 (-2)-(-1)-1-3-5(-1)-1-3-5 (-2)-3-5 (-5)-5 (-10)

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โˆ™ 2008-11-30 04:33:25
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Q: What is negative five minus negative three minus negative one minus one minus three minus five?
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What is one and one fourth minus five and three fourths?

negative four

What is negative 3 minus 1?

a minus three minus an neative one is a negative four

What is negative four minus one point five?

-5.5 (negative five point five)

What is negative three and one third minus negative five and two thirds?

-3 1/3 minus -5 2/3 = 2 1/3

What is five minus negative one?


What is the answer to negative three minus one?

Negative four

What is negative one minus three?

negative 4.

What is five minus three and five eighths?

One and three eigths

What is one third minus five sixths?

Negative one half

What is the answer of positive three minus negative one?

3 minus -1 is 4.

What is three fourths minus five tenths?

Three fourths minus five tenths is one fourth.

What is negative three and a half minus one and four fifths?

Negative 5 and three tenths.

What is five minus one and three fourths?

three and one fourth

What is negative one and one third minus three?

-1 1/3 minus three is -4 1/3

What is the answer to one minus three?

- 2, or, negative 2.

What is seventy five minus negative one half?

75 and a half

What does negative one minus five equal?


What is negative five fourths minus one third?


Three and five eighths minus one?

Two and five eighths

What is negative two over three minus one?


What is one minus five eighths?

three eighths

What is five and one sixth minus three and three fourths?


What is five times three minus three plus one?


What is three and one third minus one and five and five sixths?

1 and one half

What is one and one fifth minus negative three and three fourths?

99/20 or 4.95