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-5/12 − 19/42 = -73/84

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Q: What is negative five over twelve minus nineteen over forty-two equal to?
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What is negative twelve degrees centigrade equal to in Fahrenheit?


What are the Factors of twelve but when added equal negative thirteen?

-1 and -12

What does nineteen plus negative eleven equal?

19+(-11) is the same as 19-11. Therefore, the answer is 8.

What does negative eleven multplied by twelve equal?

-11 x 12 = -132

What is twelve plus negative thirty two equal?

The sum of 12 and -32 is -20.

What is the answer to 12--4?


What is three over negative twelve plus nine equal to?

8 and 3/4

Does twelve divided by minus four equal three?

No, 12/-4 = -3 A negative times negative is positive, so positive divided by negative is a negative.

What is Negative fifteen plus nineteen plus negative twenty six plus eleven equal to?

-15 + 19 + (-26) + 11 = -41 + 30 = -11

What is negative twelve minus negative three?

-12 - (-3) Two negatives equal a positive. So, -12 + 3 = -9

How do you write two trillion nineteen billion seven hundred million six hundred and four thousand and twelve in figures?

Expressed in figures, this is equal to 2,019,700,604,012.

Nineteen millionths in a decimal form?

Expressed as a decimal, nineteen millionths is equal to 0.000019.

How many kiloliters equal 42 000 liters?

Kilo means 1000, so you are asking how many thousand litres are in fortytwo thousand litres...

Is one over twelve equal to twelve hundredths?


Is 12 equal to twelve tenths?

No, twelve tenths is 1.2

What numbers equal negative 5?

negative 5 is equal to negative 5

What does negative 7 plus negative 7 equal?

Equal negative 14!

What is eleven over nineteen equal to?

11/19 = .5789

What is nineteen fortieths as a decimal?

19/40 is equal to 0.475

What is the square root of twelve thirds?

Twelve thirds is equal to 4. The square root of 4 is 2, and since twelve thirds is equal to 4, the square root of twelve thirds is also equal to 4, which is 2.

What does a negative subtract a positive equal?

a negative subtracted by a positive will always equal a negative.

How far is twelve meters?

Twelve meters is equal to 39.36996 feet.

What numbers between twelve and fifteen are equal to twelve?

The number 12.

A negative plus a negative equal?

A negative plus a negative will always equal another negative.

Why does negative and negative equal positive?

A negative and a negative does NOT equal positive.For example(-7) + (-7) = -14 which is not positive!