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Q: What is negative fourteen and five over five?
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What is the average negative twelve negative fourteen negative three and positive five?

Negative six is.

How do you write fourteen over five as a percentage?


What is five over seven add three over fourteen?


What is fourteen over twenty five in decimal form?

it is 0.56

What is the reciprocal of negative five over six?

negative 6 over 5

What is thirteen over fourteen minus five over seven?

3/14 as a fraction, or 0.2142 as a decimal.

How do you write 14.05 in word form?

Fourteen and five hundredths.

What is fourteen over twenty-five divided by two over twenty-five?

This is the same as 14/25 x 25/2 ie 7

What is fourteen over five as a mixed number?

14/5 = 2 4/5

What is five over nine times fourteen?

seven and seven ninths.....or...... seventy ninths

What fractions are equivalent to negative two over five?

negative 4 over 10 negative 2 trillion over 5 trillion

How do you write 14.25 in word form?

Fourteen point two five. One four point two five Fourteen point twenty-five One four point twenty-five Fourteen and twenty-five hundredths. Fourteen and a quarter.