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negative 48

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Q: What is negative sixteen times three?
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What is negative sixteen times negative sixteen?

-16 × -16 = +256

What is negative twenty seven times negative sixteen?


What times what is negative sixteen?

-8 x 2

What is negative 4 times negative 4 equal?

Positive sixteen (+16)

What is negative two times three?

Negative two times three is negative six.

What is three times negative three?

negative 9

How do you solve 2 times negative four squared?

first, you square negative 4. Since negative times negative is positive, then you get positive sixteen., Then positive 16 times two is 32

What is negative sixty four divided by 2 times negative sixteen?

-64 : 2x(-16) = 2

What is three hundred thousand times sixteen?

it is 4800000

What is negative three times one?

Any number multiplied by one is itself. Therefore, negative three times one is negative three.

What is the answer for three fourths times an unknown which equals sixteen?


What is 3 times negative 2 minus three?

Three times negative 2 minus three is equal to -9

What negative three times negative nine?


What is three times negative one?

negative 3

What times sixteen is three - hundred?

18.75 x 16 = 300

How do you work out an algebraic expression problem?

Sixteen divided by two times itself three times

What is sixteen and three hundreds as decimal?

sixteen and three hundreds = 316 sixteen and three hundredths = 16.03

What is negative three times three fourths?


What is 3x-5?

Three times negative five is negative fifteen.

What is three times negative five?

3(-5)=-15 *negative

What is three fourths times sixteen?

3/4 x 16 is 12.

What is negative three times five?


What is negative nine times three?


What is 8 plus negative sixteen?

negative 8.. -8

What is 3 times sixteen?

3 times sixteen is= 48