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A negative spillover is when the decision of one party effects a third party in a negative manner

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Q: What is negative spillover?
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A negative externality or spillover cost occurs when?

teh total cost of producing a good exceeds the costs borne by the producer

What is spillover cost?

Spillover costs (Negative externality):nproduction or consumption costs inflicted on a third party without compensation nExample: environmental pollution Spillover benefits (Positive externality):nproduction or consumption of certain goods and services may confer external benefits on third party or the community at large without compensating payment nExample: education

Did Laos and Cambodia often suffered spillover form the 1960's and 1970's warfare in Vietnam?

If you consider spillover to be US troops going into Laos or Cambodia in an effort to follow through on their orders to stop Communism - then yes there was spillover.

Which is an example of spillover costs?

An example of spillover costs includes production costs passed to a third party without any form of compensation.

What is an example of spillover?

In a water treatment plant, the place your drinking water comes from, they use a spillover to areate the water. After the water is purified in the treatment plant it goes into a large lake with a small waterfall or spillover that allows the air to mix with the water which gives it a better taste.

What are the release dates for Spillover - 2008?

Spillover - 2008 was released on: USA: 2 February 2008 (San Francisco Ocean Film Festival)

What are spillovers?

A spillover is an instance of overflowing or spreading into another area.

What is the definition of harmful spillover?

something that hurts the enviorment like pollution

What is spillover in diesel power plants?

water to protect the condenser from water losses

Costs of a production that affect people who have no control over how much of a good is produced?

spillover cost

What word can you make with the letters s e v l l i r o p?

overspill spillover

What is positive spillover?

the positive effects soemthing has on other people the positive effects soemthing has on other people

What is spillover?

An economic advantage coming from an unpredicted source that allows a firm to benifit from it, also called an externality.

What is the tendency for people to stereotype ethnic or racial groups that are distinctly different from each other but have similar characteristics?

spillover bigotry

Was Michael Jackson memorial service held at nokia theatre?

It was held at the Staples Centre, the Nokia Theatre was a spillover venue.

What has the author Patricia Peebles written?

Patricia Peebles has written: 'Effects of work spillover on marital satisfaction'

What was the location of he Vietnam War?

The Vietnam war was conducted mostly in Vietnam. (That's in Southeast Asia.) There were spillover campaigns into Laos and Cambodia.

What is the phenomenon that occurs when one ethnic group that resembles another is also discriminated against because of mere association?

spillover bigotry

Where did the Arab-Israeli War of 1948 take place?

The war took place primarily in the former Mandate of Palestine with some spillover into Egyptian Sinai and Lebanon.

How much does it cost to resurface 15000 gallon pool?

I have a 17,000 gal pool with a spillover hottub and was charged $4200 for the job by the contractor. He used Florida gem.

What three problems in the free market work against the efficient allocation of resources?

1.Imperfect conpetition 2.spillover costs/externalities 3.Imperfect Information.

What are spillover costs?

These are costs not included in production. They are sometimes absorbed by vendors or outside forces beyond the company. They are often related to consumption of the product. This can occur in pollution for example.

Is a negative minuse a negative a positive?

Negative times a Negative is a Positive. Negative minus a Negative is a Negative.

Mulitipication of negative numbers?

negative x positive = negative negative x negative = positive negative x negative x negative = negative negative x negative x negative x negative = positive .....

What does a negative plus a negative equal?

A negative+ a negative= to a negative number.

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