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It is negative 233 over 42 = - 233/42 or - 523/42

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Q: What is negative three and five sixths plus negative twelve sevenths?
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What number is between three eighths and three sevenths?

three sixths

What Is three sixths divided by six sevenths?

it is the same as 3/6 x 7/6

What is the least common denominator of three-fourths and five-sixths?

The least common denominator of three fourths and five sixths is twelve.

What is three sevenths plus nine fourteenths?

Twelve twenty-firsts.

What is two sixths minus three sixths?

negative one sixth (-1/6 or -0.1666666)

What is 50 plus negative three sixths?

Three sixths is a half or 0.5 in decimal. 50 + -0.5 = 49.5

What is negative six sevenths divided by three?

-6/7 divided by three is -0.285714285714

What are three equivalent fractions for three sevenths?

six fourteenths nine twenty oneths twelve twenty eighths

What is five and five sixths times nine and three sevenths?

5 5/6 x 9 3/7 is 55.

What is negative 42 divided by seven thirds?

-42 / 7/3 = -18 To divide by a fraction, you multiply by the reciprocal of the fraction. the reciprocal of seven thirds is three sevenths. Negative 42 times three sevenths equals negative 18.

What is the average negative twelve negative fourteen negative three and positive five?

Negative six is.

What is larger Three sevenths or one third?

Three sevenths is .4286, one third is .3333, three sevenths is larger.

Is four sixths greater than three sixths?

yes. four sixths i2 greater than three sixths

What is three-sevenths times negative forty two?

It is: 3/7 times -42 = -18

What is equivelent to one twelve?

0.08333 (recurring) or two twenty-fourths or three thirty-sixths

What minus twelve equals negative three?


What is the quotient of three sevenths?

The quotient of three sevenths is 3/7

What is the fraction of three sevenths?

The fraction of three sevenths is 3/7.

How many sixths does five and three sixths have?

33 sixths

Which of these fraction is equivalent three sixths fore sixths two sixths?

It is two sixths

What is five sixths - two sixths?

three sixths, or one half

Is three eighths or three sixths larger?

Three sixths (1/2) is larger.

What Is negative 15 Plus positive three?

negative 15 plus positive three = negative twelve -15 + +3 = -12

What is three and five sixths plus four and three sixths?


What is four and three sevenths minus two and five sevenths?

one and five sevenths

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