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-3/8 + 7/12 = -9/24 + 14/24 = 5/24

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Q: What is negative three divided by eight plus seven divided by twelve?
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What is negative eight divided by seven?


Is there anything seven and twelve can both be divided by?

84 Seven and twelve cannot be divided by WHOLE numbers, but CAN be divided by FRACTIONS.

What is a generalization about dividends and quotients for whole numbers means?

42 divided by six equals seven 8 dicided by one equals eight twelve divided by twelve equals one

What is negative 5 plus negative seven?

-12 (negative twelve)

X divided by seven minus eight equals negative seventeen?

×/11-9=-8 what is ×

What is the quotient of three over eight divided by seven over twelve?

3/8 ÷ 7/12 = 9/14

What is negative 36 divided by negative seven over eight?

-36 ÷ -7/8 = -288/-7 = 288/7 or 411/7

What is seven eights divided by 12 sevenths?

0.510416667= seven eighths divided by twelve sevenths

What is five minus twelve?

negative seven, -7

What is twelve divided by seven?

12 / 7 = 1.71429

What does negative eight times negative seven equal?


What is seven divided by eight?


If you divided negative seven by negative ten what does it equal?

70 or 0.7

What is negative three divided by seven?

-3 divided by 7 is -0.428571428571

What is five thousand seven hundred sixty-five divided by thirty-eight?

"What is five thousand seven hundred sixty-five divided by thirty-eight?" Five thousand seven hundred sixty-five divided by thirty-eight is 151.71052631578947368421052631579

What is negative seven minus negative four minus eight?


What is seven hundred eighty divided by twelve?

780 / 12 = 65

What is six hundred sixty seven divided by twelve?

55.583 recurring

What is negative seven plus eight?


What is 7 divided by 8 equals?


What is seventy seven divided by Eight?


What thirty eight divided by seven?


What is twenty eight divided by seven?


What is eight divide by seven?

eight divided by seven equals 56.....good luck if this is home work!

What is positive twelve plus negative seven?

The sum of 12 and -7 is 5.