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((negative 3) / 7) + (negative 5) = -5.42857142857 when calculated.

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Q: What is negative three over seven plus negative five?
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What is negative three over five as a decimal?


What is five over seven add three over fourteen?


Which of four fractions are of the greatest four over five five over eleven three over seven and seven over nine?

Of those, 4/5 is the greatest.

What is the answer to negative three equals negative five plus n over 3?


What is two over three times five over seven?


What is three over five times four over seven?

12 over 35 and then siplify

Which fraction is greater five over seven or three over four?

It is: 3/4

What is negative three and five sixths plus negative twelve sevenths?

It is negative 233 over 42 = - 233/42 or - 523/42

What is three over five times three over seven?

3/5 x 3/7 is 9/35

What fraction is equvilent to negative three over five?

- 3/5 = - 9/15 = ...

What is 3 minus negative one over two plus seven?

The solution to three minus negative one over two plus seven is 21/2. In decimal form, the solution is 10.5.

What is three over four plus five over six?

1 7/12 (one and seven-twelfths)

What is two over three multiplied by five over seven?

10/21 or ten over twenty-one

What is negative five over twelve plus negative three over four?

The sum of -5/12 and -3/4 is -1 1/6

What does thirteen over fifty six plus five over seven equals?

fifty-three over fifty-six

What is negative y over three plus seven equal?

That completely depends on the value of 'y'.

How do you solve 2 minus five over seven?

2 minus 5 is -3, sooo your answer should be negative 3 over 7.

What is negative two over five divided by seven over ten?

-2/5 ÷ 7/10 = -4/7

What is the reciprocal of seven over five?

Five over seven. Pay more attention in school!

What is the reciprocal of negative five over six?

negative 6 over 5

Is the fraction five over seven greater then three over four?

3/5 is greater than 5/7

What is three over five plus six over eight?

one and seven over twenty 1 7/20

What is twenty seven over sixty three simplifyed?

three over seven

What is seven over sixteen minus five over eight?

-3/16 since the answer is negative (the second number is larger) and the problem is subtraction you minus the second number from the first then make the answer negative and you have the answer

What is negative fourteen and five over five?