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Q: What is negative two ex plus three plus one equals negative seven?
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What is six plus a negative thirteen equals?

negative seven

What is the answer to -3 plus -5 equals?


What divided by three plus negative three equals four?


What is 6- - 7- equal?


Negative plus negative equals what?

A negative plus a negative equals a negative.

What does negative 2 plus 5 equal?

It equals three

What does negative three plus negative four equals?

The sum of -3 and -4 is -7.

What is negative seven plus negative seven?

Negative seven plus negative seven is negative fourteen.

What is the answer to negative 3 plus negative 2?

-3+-2=-5. In word form: negative three plus negative two equals negative five.

What is the verbal sentence of 3 plus 7 equals 10?

three plus seven equals ten

What operation must be done to both sides of the equation to solve p plus negative three and seven-ninths equals five-sixths?


What is b if b is dived by negative eight plus nineteen equals negative three?