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90cm diameter

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Q: What is netball center circle size?
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What is the size of the center circle on a netball court?

Centre Circle

Could you get a point in netball if you place the ball in the circle in the center?

no sorry :)

In netball where is the center aloud?

In netball, the centre is allowed all over the court exceot in either goal circle.

What does center do in a netball game?

In a netball game center starts of with the ball in the circle and then is allowed to run the whole court except for both of the goal circles

What is the meaning of center circle in netball?

This is where the Centre stands when taking the centre pass. It is in the exact center of the court.

How is a netball game started?

when th umpire blows the wistle the center stands in the center circle and throws the ball to his/her

Where is the center allowed in netball?

everywhere except the 'd' semi circle in the end thirds

What line segments in a circle determine the size of the circle?

The center of a circle.

What is the size of the center circle of a football pitch?

The center circle has a 10 yard radius.

What are thirds in a netball court?

Okay, as you most likely already know each player has a certain area of play, except the center, there a 3 thirds, 2 goal thirds (each end of the netball court) and a center third ( where the center circle is).

What does the center do in netball?

The c starts with the ball in the circle on the court. They are allowed anywhere except the semi circles.(Ds)

How far does a center player player run in a game of netball?

Centre's can run everywhere apart from in the shooting circle

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