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Q: What is network terminating unit with synchronous?
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What is SONET synchronous optical networking?

SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) is a physical layer network technology designed to carry large volumes of traffic over relatively long distances on fiber optic cabling.

What is a self terminating order?

Self-terminating orders - Orders that direct a soldier or unit to perform duty for a specific time and also direct that the soldier or unit will be released automatically on completion of the stated period of duty.

Why SONET is called synchronous network?

Because SONET/SDH uses "synchronous TDM multiplexer" to multiplexe signals from multiple electrical sources . All clocks in the system are locked to a master clock.

When load on a normally excited synchronous motor is increased its power factor tends to what?

approach unit

Is 0.875 a terminating or a repeating decimal?

0.875 is a terminating decimal and as a fraction it is 7/8

Is sonet a real word?

It is an acronym for 'Synchronous Optical Network'. I can find no other meaning for it. There is a word sonnet which is a type of poem.

What is synchronous machein?

mainly alternator,synchronous motor comes under the synchronous machine.a synchronous motor is not a self starting motor.if a synchronous motor moves with more than synchronous speed then it acts as a synchronous generator.

What is slip in ac motor?

Slip is the difference between the rotor speed and synchronous speed, expressed as a percentage of the synchronous speed (it can also be expressed as a per unit value). So when the rotor is stationary, its slip is 100% (or 1); if it were able to achieve synchronous speed (it can't!) then is slip would be 0% (or 0).

Name the vodsl network component that is responsible for terminating the dsl lines at the central office?

DSL access multiplexer (DSLAM)

Is 0.7 terminating or non-terminating?

If it stops there as 0.7 then it is a terminating decimal number

Is 0.25 a terminating decimal or non terminating decimal?


Why is the frequency of a synchronous generator locked into its rate of shaft rotation?

By definition a synchronous generator must be synchronous. If it is not "locked in" it is not a synchronous generator, but an induction machine.