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nine forths

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Q: What is nine fourths as a whole number and a fraction?
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What equivalent fraction is equal to nine tenths?

If the whole number is twelve, three fourths? No, nine tenths of twelve would not be a complete fraction. Eighteen twentieths would equal nine tenths, or 90 percent if you're looking for a metric answer.

What whole number is equal to nine thirds minus eight fourths?


Is nine tenths a whole number?

No, because 9/10 is a fraction

What is an equivalent fraction for the decimal 2.36?

2 and nine over twenty-five (the whole number two and the fraction nine twentyfifths)

What is nine fourths as a mixed fraction?


What fraction is equivalent to nine and one fourths?


Is nine sixths a mixed or whole number?

It is a mixed number, expressed as an improper fraction.

Which is a bigger fraction nine fourths or seven thirds?


What is the fraction to nine and twentyfour fourths?

3 8 it is 3 out of 8

What fraction is equivalent to nine fourths?

Expressed as a mixed number in its simplest form, 9/4 is equal to 2 1/4 or two and a quarter.

Is nine a integers?

an integer is not a decimal or fraction in other words just a fancy name for a whole number negative whole numbers are also integers

What is the answer for One whole and one fifth minus three fourths?

It is nine twentieths.

What is the fraction nine twenty-fourths as a percent.?

9/24 = 100*9/24% = 37.5%

How many eighths are in nine fourths?

There are 18 eighths in nine fourths

Is negative nine an integer?

Yes, -9 is an integer as it is not a fraction, being a whole number.

What is seven and five twenty fourths plus nine and five sixths?

17 and 1/24 or 409/24 depending on whether you want a mixed number or an improper fraction.

What number is nine fourths of 116?

It is: 9/4 of 116 = 261

What is nine fourths in a mixed number?

9/4 as a mixed number is 2 and 1/4

What is nine fourths as a mixed number?

9/4 = 2 and 1/4

9 hunderedths as a fraction and decimal number?

Nine hundreds as a fraction would be 9/100. Nine hundreds as a decimal number would be 9.00.

How do you put nine less than three fourths of a number?

3n/4 - 9

What would the mixed number be for nine tenths?

the mix number for nine tenths will be i dont know. MORE INFO. A mixed number is always a greater quantity than 1. A mixed number is a quantity which contains Whole numbers AND a Fraction. EXAMPLE : Two and three quarters, or Twenty six and five eighths, are called 'Mixed Numbers' because they contain , a Whole number AND a Fraction sitting side by side. 2 and a quarter can be expressed as nine over four (9/4) It is now called an Improper Fraction. When expressed as 2 1/4 it is now called a Mixed number.

What is three fourths of a cups tripled?

Nine fourths cups or 2 and 1 fourths cups

How many inches are there in nine and three fourths?


How do you turn eight million nine hundred thirty three thousand five hundred eighty into a fraction?

Well, you can't it's a whole number.