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Eight and two thirds

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Q: What is nine minus one third?
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What is the answer to nine tenths minus one third?

It is: 17/30

What is nine tenths minus one third?

That is 0.566

What is the nine Minus one third?

9 minus 1/3 is 8 2/3

What is One half minus three eighteenths?

One half is nine eighteenths. Nine eighteenths minus three eighteenths is six eighteenths, which is also one third.

What is one third minus two nine?

1/3 minus 2/9 is 1/9.

What is the third number minus 12?


What is nine twelfths minus a third?


What is 7 and one third minus 3 and nine tenths?

7 and one third minus 3 and 9 tenths is six and 13 over 30 3 and 13/30

What is nine and one third minus two thirds?

The answer is: 9 and 1/3 minus 2/3 = 8 and 2/3

What is nine tenths mius one third?

It is: 9/10 minus 1/3 = 17/30

What isTwo third minus one third?

One third !

What is two minus one-third?

one and one-third

What is 1500 minus one third?

1500 minus one third is 1499 2/3

What is one ninth minus one third?

One third is three ninths. So one ninth minus three ninths is minus two nights.

What is one third minus two third?

Negative one third.

What is two fifths minus one third?

Two fifths minus one third is 1/15.

What is three and one third minus one third?


What is one minus two thirds?

One minus two thirds is one third.

What is one minus one half and minus one third?

1 minus 1/2 minus 1/3 is equal to 0.166667

What is negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one?

Negative twenty nine minus negative twenty one is negative eight.

What is negative nine minus positive one?

-9 minus +1 is -10.

What does one minus nine equal?


What is one whole minus four ninths?

One whole is nine ninths. Nine ninths minus four ninths equals five ninths.

What is twenty five minus one third?

Twenty five minus one third is 24 and 2/3. You may have also meant twenty five minus one third of twenty five. That would be 16 and 2/3.

Which is greater one third or nine tenths?

Nine tenths is greater than one third.