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Q: What is nine tenth of 500?
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What is 1 tenth of 500?

1 tenth of 500 is 50. 1 tenth of 500 is just saying 500 divided by 10. The quotient is 50, which is also 1 tenth of 500.

How do you write thirty-nine tenth as a decimal?

thirty and nine tenth in decimal = 30.9

What is one tenth of 500?

50 because one tenth is like dividing it by 10 so it would be 500 divided by 10 = 50! I hope you understand this better!

What seven tenth of 500?

350 is.

What does 495 rounded to the nearest tenth?

It is simply 495.0 to the nearest tenth

What is one tenth of 5000?

One tenth of 5,000 ... divide 5,000 by 10 ... you get ... ... ... Not going to answer your test quiz for you ... figure it out yourself. divide your number by 10 = 500 or multipy by .10 = 500

What is nine tenths minus four fifths?

1 tenth

What is one tenth of five thousand?


What is the tenth number in Spanish?


What is nine and one tenth as a decimal?


What is 500 divided by nine?

500 / 9 = 55.56

What is a tenth of a 500grams?

1/10 x 500 grams= 500/10= 50 grams

Is 500 divisible by 9?

No. 500 is not evenly divisible by nine.

What does nine and one tenth look like?


What is one tenth of 9?

Nine tenths.

What is 2 minus1and one tenth?

nine tenths

What is nine tenth of 1 mitre?

90 cm

Why 9 hundredths greater than one tenth?

its not 0.09 (nine hundredths) 0.1 (one tenth)

What is one take away one tenth?

one take away one tenth = nine tenths

IS one and one tenth greater than nine tenth?

Yes. One whole and a tenth is more than 9 tenths, which is not even a whole

What is the value of the 9 in 4.9?

The value of number nine in the number 4.9 is number position named the tenth. The tenth is the first number after the decimal point in this case it is the number nine.

What is theTenth Muse?

There are only nine Muses. No tenth. Sorry.

How do you write three and nine tenth in decimal form?


What does nine tenth equal to as a fraction?

It is 9/10, of course!

What is four fifths plus one tenth?

nine tenths