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9/10 minus 9/15 is 3/10

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Q: What is nine tenths minus nine fifteenths?
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What is nine tenths minus eight fifteenths?

Nine tenths minus eight fifteenths equals eleven thirtieths.

What is seven tenths minus nine fifteenths?

7/10 minus 9/15 is 1/10

What is nine tenths minus four tenths?

Nine tenths minus four tenths is five tenths, which is also a half.

What is 3 fifteenths minus 5 fifteenths?

3 fifteenths minus 5 fifteenths equals minus 2 fifteenths.

What is nine tenths divided by 6 fifteenths?

the answer is 1 remainder 5

What is nine fifteenths simplified?

nine fifteenths simplified

What is seven tenths subtract eight fifteenths?

7/10 minus 8/15 = 1/6

What is eleven fifteenths minus two fifths?

Two fifths is six fifteenths. Eleven fifteenths minus six fifteenths is five fifteenths, which is also one third.

What is nine tenths minus one half equals?

4 tenths

What is nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth?

Nine tenths plus two fifths minus one fourth is equal to 1.05

What is nine tenths minus three tenths?

6/10 or 3/5

What is three and four tenths minus one and nine tenths?

1 and 1half.

Is finding nine-tenths minus one-half the as finding nine-tenths minus one fourth minus one fourthExplain.?

Yes, because 1/4 + 1/4 = 1/2

What is 1 third minus 2 fifths?

Converting to fifteenths, it is 5 fifteenths - 6 fifteenths, which gives minus one fifteenth.

What is one hundred minus seven tenths?

One hundred minus seven tenths is ninety-nine and three tenths. It is actually a fairly easy problem.

What is three tenths minus nine fifths?


What is nine tenths minus what equal one fifth?

Eight Fifths

What is Nine tenths minus five tenths?

The answer is 9/10 minus 5/10 = 4/10 or 2/5 in its simplest form

What is 13 fifteenths minus two fifths?

It is seven fifteenths.

What is 5 and two fifths minus -2 and seven fifteenths?


What is nine and nine tenths minus five and one-half?

4 and two fifths

What is 2 over 5 minus 1 over 3?

We convert to fifteenths which gives six fifteenths minus five fifteenths, so the answer is one fifteenth.

What is nine tenths minus four fifteenth?

nineteen thirtieths

What is the answer to nine tenths minus one third?

It is: 17/30

What is nine tenths minus three fifths?


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