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9/10 - 1/3 = 27/30 - 10/30 = 17/30

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Q: What is nine tenths take away one third?
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What is two wholes take away eleven - tenths?


What is one take away one tenth?

one take away one tenth = nine tenths

What is ninety take away nine tenths?

If you mean 90 - 9/10, then the answer's 89 1/10. If you mean 90 - nine-tenths of 90 [90 - 9/10(90)], then the answer's 9.

What is 1 take away 7 tenths?

3 tenths

How do you take 3 tenths away from 1?


How do you take 5 tenths away from 1?


Take one away from nine and leave ten?

how do you take one away from nine and leave ten

What number will you get if you take away 1 tenths 3 times from 1?

0 will be the answer

What is 20 centimeters take away 2 tenths of a meter?

Two tenths of a metre is 20 cm, so you'll be left with zero.

A certain word has nine letters. If you take away six letters only one will be left. What is the word?

nine because it said it had nine letters nine has 4 letters take away six six has 3letters one will be left 4-3=1

What is one take away two-thirds in fractions?

One take away two thirds is one third.

How do you make 0.9 into fraction?

0.9 is nine tenths, showed as (9/10). Just take how many places the number is, as here it is the tenths place, so its nine tenths. Example: If you want something like .75 into a fraction, seventy-five is in the hundredths place, so it is (75/100), reduced is (3/4)

What is 3 fifths take away 7 tenths?

Betch please lmaoo

What is nine squared take away one?

I believe you are supposed to calculate nine squared, and then subtract one from the result.

How do you write twelve-tenths in decimal form?

You write it as 1.2 it's more than 1whole so you take 1 or 10 in this case away. Now you have two tenths making the answer 1.2

How many tenths and hundredths are in 144 hundredths?

144 hundredths is 1.44 so it has four each of tenths and hundredths.

What is the difference between nine tenths and seven over eight?

0.025 Google gave me the answer so i cant take credit..Haha:)

Is o4 greater than or less than 4?

no they are the same. if you take away the 0 in the 04 it will look like 4 not 04 so they're the same unless you're talking about 0.4 if you take away the 0 in this one it will be 4 tenths. instead of 0 AND 4 tenths. so yeah

If you take one third away from 1 how many thirds do you have left?

Two of them.

Does the third amendment take away any rights from the American people?


What is 1 take away 1 third?

Two thirds. Cut a pie into 3 slices. Take away 1 slice (one third). You are left with 2 slices (two thirds).

What is one third take awayone sixth?

one third is equivalent to two sixths two sixths take away one sixth is one sixth

What is 1 take away 4 sixths?

2 sixths, which is also one third.

How can you take six sticks and add five sticks and get nine sticks?

Throw away two sticks

What is a nine letter word that you can take 1 letter away every time and still be a word?