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9/12 minus 3/4 is 0.

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Q: What is nine twelfths minus three fourths?
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How many twelves are in three fourths?

There are nine twelfths in three fourths

What is nine twelfths subtract two fourths?

If we convert to the same denominators:Nine twelfths subtract six twelfths = Three twelfths.

What is the lowest term for nine twelfths?

three fourthsThree fourths (3/4).

Is nine twelfth in its simplest form?

No, nine twelfths in its simplest form is three fourths.

What is five sixths minus three forth as a fraction?

You change five sixths into ten twelfths and three quarters into nine twelfths. Then you subtract the nine twelfths from the ten twelfths, which equals one twelfth.

What are three equivalent fractions for three fourths?

Six eighths. Nine twelfths. Seventy-five hundredths.

What is eight twelfths minus nine twelfths?


What is nine twelfths minus a third?


What is the answer for One whole and one fifth minus three fourths?

It is nine twentieths.

How do you write nine twelfths in simple form?

well nine twelfths simplified you can divide both numbers by 3 9 divided by 3 is 3 ; 12 divided by 3 is 4 so you get three fourths

What are three fractions that are equivalent to three fourths?

Six eighths 6/8Nine twelfths 9/12Twelve sixteenths 12/16

What is nine twelfths in simplest form?

It is: 9/12 = 3/4 simplified9/12 in its simplest form is 3/4

What is two thirds multiplied by two and one fourths?

two thirds times nine fourths equals eighteen twelfths or nine sixths or 3/2.

What is ten and two thirds minus 4 and three fourths?

To start with, you can set aside the fractions, and realize that you're dealing with whole numbers as well. 10 minus 4 is 6. So your new question is, what is six and two thirds minus three fourths. Now, let's get rid of the improper fraction. 6 x 3 = 18 18 + 2 = 20 Your new question is what is twenty thirds minus three fourths: 20/3 - 3/4 The lowest common denominator of thirds and fourths is 12. So, 20/3 x 4/4 = 80/12 3/4 x 3/3 = 9/12 So now we have eighty twelfths minus nine twelfths: 80/12 - 9/12 = 71/12 Simplifying this gives us 5 and 11/12ths.

How many twelfths make three quarters?

nine twelfths

How is the ratios three fourths equals nine twelfths proportional?

3/4 multiplying by 3 to both =(3*3)/(4*3) =9/12

What is nine and three fifths minus six and three fourths?

9 3/5 - 6 3/4 = 9.6 - 6.75 = 2.85

What is the answer of nine divided by three-fourths?


What is nine and one fourths plus three and three fourths equal?


How many inches are there in nine and three fourths?


How many inches in three fourths of a foot?

There are nine inches in three fourths of a foot.

What is the fractional part of three-fifths of three-fourths?

It is nine twentieths.

What is nine twelfths minus two twelfths?

7 twelfths. Solution: 1. 9 twelfths - 2 twelfths = 7 twelfths 2. 9/12 - 2/12 = 7/12 ============ 7/12. 9 of something minus 2 of the same thing equals 7 of that thing. It makes no difference whether the thing, for example, is apples or pounds/dollars or "twelfths" etc.

What is twenty-five fourths minus negative one?

It is twenty-nine fourths or 7 and one fourth.

What is forty three minus nine?

Forty-three minus nine equals 34.