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In general the mean of a truly random sample is not dependent on the size of a sample. By inference, then, so is the variance and the standard deviation.

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Q: What is not dependent on the size of a sample?
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Why hardness is a intensive?

Because the hardness is not dependent to the size of a material sample.

Is flammability intensive or extensive?

Flammability is an intensive property because is not dependent on the size of the sample.

Why is density used to identify substances instead of mass or volume?

Mass and volume are extensive properties, which are dependent upon the size of the sample. A larger sample will have a greater mass and volume than a smaller sample. Density is an intensive property, which does not depend on the size of the sample. Density is a ratio of mass to volume, which does not vary with the size of the sample. The density of a larger sample will be the same as the density of a smaller sample.

What is absolute sample size?

It is the number of elements in the sample. By contrast, the relative sample size is the absolute sample size divided by the population size.

Why does density remain the same regardless of sample size unlike mass or volume?

Density is an intensive property - not dependent on the mass.

What is the difference between sample and sample size?

a sample is a sample sized piece given... a sample size is the amount given in one sample

What is the difference between sample size and sample unit?

sample size is the specific size of a thing like the how long or wide. while sample unit is the whole thing not referring to specific number size.

What is sample and sample size means?


What is the sample size definition?

Sample size is the number of samples arawn from a population. If you drew 20 samples, your sample size would be 20.

Factors to consider in determining sample size?

Factors that determine sample size

Does sample size affect survey result?

a larger the sample size will reduce the size of the confidence interval

Will margins of error for sample of size 80 be larger or smaller than those for sample size of 40?

They should be smaller for the sample size 80.

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