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Q: What is numbering system is used to describe the state of a wire at any given moment?
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To which numbering system can the binary number 1101100100111100 be easily converted?

its easy to convert a given binary number into haxadecimal form.

What is the speed given at a moment?

What is a speed at a given moment?

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An average adult has about 5-6 liters of blood in their body, and the entire volume circulates through the circulatory system in about one minute. This means that roughly 5-6 liters of blood is traveling through the circulatory system at any given moment.

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Starboard compartments in standard ship numbering schemes are even numbers.

What term is used to describe the deviation from a specified level of system performance for a given period of time?


Is immediately an adjective?

The word immediate, meaning "at that given moment", is an adjective.

Is The speed at a given moment?

What is a speed at a given moment?

How is it impossible for a moving object at a given moment?

It is impossible for a moving object to be at a single point in space at a given moment because at that moment the object is constantly changing its position as it moves. The object occupies a certain volume in space at any given moment, rather than existing at a single point.

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