What is numerical control?

Updated: 9/24/2023
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Q: What is numerical control?
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Machine tool operation that is controlled by numerical commands from a computer is?

Numerical control or lately, computer numerical control.

Historically numerical control began about 1948?

Historically numerical control began about 1948

What are the objectives of numerical control?

The objectives of numerical control are to make more efficient handling of tasks through programmable automation. The first numerical control machines were built in the 1940s and 1950s and have evolved into the machine tools seen today.

What has the author John D McCarroll written?

John D. McCarroll has written: 'Computer-aided part programming for numerical control' -- subject(s): Data processing, Machine-tools, Numerical control 'Computer-aided programming for numerical control'

What has the author Frank Bryant Lockwood written?

Frank Bryant Lockwood has written: 'Fundamentals of numerical control' -- subject(s): Machine-tools, Numerical control

What is the full form of dnc?

digital numerical control

What does the abbreviation cnc stand for?

Computer numerical control

Features of numerical control?

control using numerical data. high degree of accuracy precesion and realiblity. high productivity. reduced inspection. better planing and scheduling

What has the author William Charles Leone written?

William Charles Leone has written: 'Production automation and numerical control' -- subject(s): Automation, Machine-tools, Numerical control

What is the full form of cnc?

Computer Numerical Control(ler)

What has the author Amit Bhaya written?

Amit Bhaya has written: 'Control perspectives on numerical algorithms and matrix problems' -- subject(s): Algorithms, Control theory, Mathematical optimization, Matrices, Numerical analysis

What has the author H Wayne Scott written?

H. Wayne Scott has written: 'Computer numerical control grinding of spiral bevel gears' -- subject(s): Computer aided manufacturing, Numerical control, Process control (Industry), Grinding machines, Gears