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odd loop means at least the loop execute once.

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Q: What is odd loop in 'C' program?
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For loop in turbo c program?

Yes, you can use for-loop in a C program compiled by Turbo C.

Write a C or C plus plus program to print first 50 odd numbers using do-while loop?

int i = 1; do printf ("%d\n", i) while ((i+=2) <= 101);

Find factorial using for loop?

c program maze

Write a c program Fibonacci series using for loop in java?

Exactly what do you mean by 'C program in Java'

How can you write a c program using while loop that will print first ten odd numbers?

#include<stdio.h> int main () { int odd=1; int count=0; while (count++<10) { printf (%d\n", odd); odd+=2; } return 0; }

How a C program to find LCM using while loop?

how to find the lcm using while loop

For loop program turbo c making a right triangle?


How do you write a c program to design calculator using loop?


What is loop in c program?

it is used for repetation of one process(evaluation) .

What is the difference between looping statements - c program?

I want the difference between the for loop & while loop statements

Binary search program in c using for loop?

C program for Performing Binary Search

Do while loop program in c for printing odd numbers?

#include<stdio.h> main() { int a,i=1; printf("Enter max no"); scanf("%d",&a); do { printf("%d",i); i=i+2; }while(i<=a); }

C program algorithm for simple interest using while loop?

Not used

How do you write a C program to check whether the number is odd or even Ps-using DEV complier?

To write a C program to determine if something is odd or even you need to be a programmer. To write a program in C is complicate and only done by programmers.

C program for displaying even and odd numbers seperately in the same loop?

... int number_to_check = 0;...cin >> number_to_check;if ((number_to_check % 2)){printf("The number %d is even\n", number_to_check);}else{printf("The number %d is odd\n", number_to_check);}...

Do loop for sum of n numbers in c program?

Poor Boy. We do not do your homework here.

How do you write a c program for reversing a string with algorithm?

I'd use a simple loop.

How do you program a odd and even for loop?

Following for whole numbers.... If number mod 2 Then add code for even number Else add code for odd number End If

Write a C Program to print sum of squares of odd numbers?


What is nested loop in c?

In C: when inside a loop there is another loop In other languages: when inside a loop there is another loop

Write 8085 assembly language program for BCD up counter and display using 8279?

loop: mvi c,59 dcr c mov a,c daa movc,a jnz loop end

Write a c program to print even numbers using for loop?

Yes, yes, please do.

How do you make a c plus plus program loop?

There are four ways to make a loop in C or C++, three of which are standard, and one of which (the goto) is non structured, non preferred... for (init_expression; test_expression; loop_expression) statement; while (loop_expression) statement; do statement; while (loop_expression); loop: statement; if (loop_expression) goto loop;

What is the use of while loop in c program?

A while loop iterates over the same code block until the control expression evaluates false.

What happens if you create a loop in C program that never ends?

then your program will never ends, too unless you pressing the ctrl+c or kill it through your os. can i know the purpose of you creating the loop that never ends? is it just a mistake or are you doing it on purpose?