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1 and a half meter

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Q: What is one-sixth of 7 and a half meters?
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What is seven tenth of five meters?

7/10ths of 10 meters would be 7 meters. Therefore, 7/10ths of half that amount would be half that amount or 3.5 meters.

What is 5 feet 7 and a half inches in meters?

1.7145 meters.

What is 3000 meters around a track?

7 and a half laps.

Why does deforestation occur?

IN1600 onesixth of India's landmass was under cultivation.

What is the normal size of a moose canaidain moose?

it weighs 550 to 700 and is 7 and a half to 6 and a half meters long

How many meters in a half mile?

804.672 meters in half a mile.

How many meters in a half of a mile?

there is 804.672 meters in a half a mile

What is half of 10 m?

Half of 10 meters is 5 meters.

How long is 7 kilometers?

That is a bit long. It is 7000 meters. It is a one and a half hour walk.

7 meters equal how many meters?

7 meters

What is bigger 7 meters or 7 decimeters?

7 meters.

Meters in half a kilometer?

500 meters

What is half of a kilometer in meters?

500 meters.

What is half a yard in meters?

0.4572 meters.

How much is 7 meters in kilometers?

70001 km = 1000 meters0.007 km = 7m

How long is a 3k run?

3000 meters or 7 and a half laps around a 400 meter track

How many half-meters are in five meter?

1 meter = 2 half-meters5 meters = (5 x 2) = 10 half-meters

How many meters in a half a kilometer?

There are 500 meters in a half kilometer (0.5) (1,000 meters = 1 kilometer)

A half inch is how many meters?

If ten meters is a full inch then a half an inch would be 5 meters.

Does 50000 mm equal half a kilometre?

No. A kilometer is 1000 meters. Half of 1000 meters is 500 meters.

What is half of 0.5 meters?

Half of 0.5 metres is 0.25 metres

One and a half meters is how many centimeters?

One and a half meters is 150 centimeters.

How many half meters together measure four and a half meters?

Maybe 9?

How many centรญmetros are in 3 in a half meters?

There are 350 centimeters in 3 and a half meters

What is 49 meters squared divided by 7 meters?