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Q: What is one and a half percent of 1969.00 equal?
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Related questions

Does 5 percent equal a half?

no 50% i equal to one half

Is one half percent equal to the fraction one half?

no one half is 0.5 one half percent =.005

What is more 30 percent or one half?

Expressed as a percentage, 1/2 is equal to 50 percent. Therefore, one half is bigger than 30 percent.

What is 12 and one half percent equal to?


What is the fraction 1 over 8 as a percent?

One eighth is equal to 12 and one half percent.

What is one half percent equal to?


Does one eighth equal twelve and a half percent?

yes and 0.125

What is the percent notation of 5 over 10?

5/10 is equal to one half, or 50 percent.

What fraction is equal to seven and one half percent?

7.5% = 3/40

What is the fraction form for 50 percent?

50% is equal to one half, or one over two.

Does three fourths equal fifty percent?

No that equals 75%. One Half is 50%

What is one half percent expressed as a decimal?

One half of a percent as a decimal is expressed as .005 Percent is out of 100 or 1 in most cases. 99 cents equal 1 dollar, so one HALF of ONE percent is .005 because one out of 100 = .01 so half of that would be .005 because .005 + .005 = .01

12 and one half percent is equal to what fraction?

Reduced to a vulgar fraction in its lowest terms, 12.5% is equal to 1/8, or one eighth.

What fifty percent is equal to?

The term "per cent" means "per hundred" so if you have 50 of 100, you have half. So 50 percent is one half, or as a fraction 1/2.

Is 13 percent equal to one eighth?

Not quite. . . 13 percent is 13/100 or 0.13 one eighth is 12.5 over 100 which is 0.125 or twelve and a half per cent. The answer is that one eighth is 12 1/2 percent, that is half a percent less than 13 percent

What is 50 percent of 130?

50 percent of 130 is equal to 1 / 2 x 130 or one half of 130, which equals 65.

Is 0.5 percent is equal to one half of 1 percent or 50 percent?

0.5 percent (0.5%) is one half percent. 0.5 is one half or 50 percent. The "cent" part comes from the Latin and means "100", and is the same root used in "centurion" (Roman soldiers were organized into groups of 100), "century" (100 years), "cent" (100 cents in a dollar), "centipede" (100 feet).

What is half of one percent of thirty billion?

0.005 x 30,000,000,000 = 150000000 Therefore, 0.5 percent of 30,000,000,000 is equal to 150,000,000

How many eighths are equal to one half?

4 eighths equal one half

What does one and one half equal?

Decimal: 1.5 Fraction: 3/2 Percent: 150%

How much is 2 quarters?

two quarters is equal to one half.

What is one half of one percent in decimal form?

One half of one percent = 0.005

What is one-half equal to?

if you mean a decimal it's .5 if it's a percent then it's 50%

What is half of one half of a percent?

It is a quarter of a percent

How do you write one and a half percent?

1.5%one and a half percent = 11/2% or 1.5%