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Q: What is one and a half times four?
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Related questions

What is four times two and one-half?

four times two and one-half is ten

What is four times one half?


What is four and one third times one and one half?

six and three sixths or six and one half

What does one half times four equal?


What is negative one-half times four?


What is two times two and one fourth?

four and one half

One half times four thirds?


What is one and one third times four and a half?

4 1/6

What is eight times one half?!

What is three fourths times one half plus two thirds times four fifths?


What is four divided by fifteen times seven divided by one half?


What is four multiplied by one half?

It is: 4 times 1/2 = 2

What is Four and one half divided by one and four fifths?

It is two and a half.

What is 4 times 4 and a half?

four times four equals sixteen and then half of that is eight. Disregard the previous answer. It is incorrect. The following answer is correct. 4x4 is sixteen, and half of one of the 4's is 2, so the answer is 18.

Is four seventh the same as one fourth?

no. four sevenths is over one half and one fourth is half of one half so how would one forth and four sevenths be the same?

What is four minus one and a half?

Four minus one and a half is two and a half: 4 - 1.5 = 2.5

What is half of 80 four times?


What is one half times 5?

One half times five is 2.5

Is four eights greater than one half?

four Eights is exactly the same as one half.

What is one third times four times four times twenty four equal?

one hundred twenty-eight

What is one third times one and one half?


How can you change four and one half into an improper fraction?

You multiply two halves, the equivalent of four, by four to get a product of 8 halves. Then add the "extra" half from the original "four and one half" to get nine halves.

What is half times four times seven?

2 times 7 is 14,because half of 4 is 2 and you times 2 and 7 which equals to 14

What is four and one half divided by one and four fifth?


What one is greater one half or four sevenths?

four sevenths

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