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0.95 or 19 over 20.

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What is One fifth take away one quarter?

20 halves

What is 1 half take away a quarter?

it is just one quarter

What is a quarter fifth of forty?

One fifth of forty is eight. One quarter of eight is two.

What is one quarter take away one tenth?


What is the decimal for 1 fifth of a quarter?

0.05, or 5%. A quarter is 0.25, one fifth of that is 0.05.

Choose the number that is one quarter of one half of one fifth of 200?

quarter x half x fifth = fortieth so the answer is 5

Four fifths take away one fifth?

Three fifths

What is one fifth plus one quarter?

11 /12

What is a fraction that is less than one quarter full?

One-fifth is one simple fraction that is less than one quarter.

What number is between one third and one fifth?

1/4 (one quarter)

What is the difference between one fifth and one quarter in pence?

One twentieth of a penny.

Which is greater one fifth of a meter or one quarter of a meter?

It is 1/4 of a metre

What is one fifth of one half of one quarter of one tenth of 400?

one fifth of one half of one quarter of one tenth of 400 = 11/5 * 1/2 * 1//4 * 1/10 * 400 = 400/400 = 1

What number is one half of one quarter of one fifth of 900?

22.5 900 / 40 = 22.5

What is one fifth x 1?

The correct answer is "one fifth". Any quantity multiplied by 1 always equals the same quantity. Example: two and a quarter cms multiplied by 1 equals two and a quarter cms.

What is greater one fifth or one quarter?

1/4 is larger than 1/5.

What is five over eight take away one quarter?

It's 3/8 (3 over 8)

What is one-third of one-quarter of one-fifth of one-half of 120?


What is one and one fifth subtract one quarter?

1 1/5 minus 1/4 is 19/20.

Is a pint of liquor half of a fifth of liquor?

Not quite. A pint is a half of a quart, or QUARTer-gallon. A "fifth" is a fifth of a gallon, so a pint is an eighth of a gallon, while a half of a fifth would be one-tenth.

What is the best estimate of a quarter plus a fifth?

Nine twentieths, or just under one half.

Which number is the tenth partof a quarterof the fifth part of half 12 000?

The answer is 15. One fifth of 12,000 is 600. One quarter of 600 is 150. One tenth of 150 is 15 !

What is one twenty fifth of a quarter?

One hundredth.Answer:Think "penny." (twenty-five pennies makes twenty-five cents. Twenty-five US cents is a quarter.)

What One-third one-quarter one-fifth one-sixth left with 6 what was there to begin with?


What is one fifth times 1 quarter?

1/5 x 1/4 is 1/20