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100 - 21 = 79

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Q: What is one century subtract 21?
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When you subtract one squared number from another the answer is 21. What are the two numbers?

112 - 102 = 21

What is 160 subtract twenty one percent?

160 - 21% = 126.4

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What is the inverse operation of add 21?

The inverse operation of adding 21 is subtracting 21. This means that if you subtract 21 from a number, and then add 21 to the result, you will get back to the original number.

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How many times can you subtract 2 from 21?

How many times do you subtract 2 from 11?

When you subtract one number from another the answer is 21?

It can be if the first number is x + 21 and the second is x for any number x.

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What is twenty over nine subtract one half?

21/9 - 1/2 = 1.8333

What is 60 subtract 21?


How do you subtract 8 and -21?


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