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11 over 40

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Q: What is one eighth plus three twentieths?
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What is three fifths plus one fourths?

three fifths plus one quarter = 17 twentieths

What is the real answer to three fifths plus three fourths?

First we need to convert them into like terms. Three fifths is twelve twentieths. Three fourths is fifteen twentieths. Together that is twenty-seven twentieths. That is one and seven twentieths or 1.35 in decimal.

What is three fouths plus seven tenths?

It is one and nine twentieths.

What is 2 fifths plus 3 and one quarter plus 1 half?

four and three twentieths :)

What does three eighths plus three eighths plus one eighth plus one eighth equals?

3/8 + 3/8 + 1/8 + 1/8 = 1

What is two and one fourth plus one and one eighth?

Three and three eights

What is one eighth plus one sixteenth?

three sixteenth

What does one fourth cup plus one eighth cup equal?

one forth cup plus one eighth cup equals three eights cup.

What is one eighth teaspoon plus one eighth teaspoon equals?

One eighth plus one eighth is one fourth.

What is the answer to two and one fifth plus five and three fourths?

seven and nineteen twentieths (or 159/20)

What is one eighth plus three fifths?

One eighth plus three fifths is 16 over 40, but if you do put it in its simplest form, the answer is 2 over 5 :)

What is one eighth plus three eighth?

The sum of 1/8 and 3/8 is 1/2.

What is four and one eighth plus three and one fourth?


What is one eighth plus five eighths minus three eighths?

three eights

What is does three quarters plus one eighth equal?

seven eighths

Is one half equal to three eighths plus one eighth?

Yes. three eights plus one eight equals 4 eights, or one half

What is the answer to one and three eighth plus two and one sixth?

3 and 13/24

2 and three fourths plus 1 and one eighth equals what?

Three and seven-eighths

What is three quarters plus two sevenths plus one eighth?

It is: 3/4+2/7+1/8 = 65/56

What is three and one fourth plus six and one eighth?

9 & 3/8

What is one fifth plus two eighths?

nine twentieths

What is nine twentieths minus one fourth?

One fourth is five twentieths. Nine twentieths minus five twentieths is four twentieths. Four twentieths is one fifth.

What is four and three over four plus three and six over sixteen?

two and one eighth

What is a reasonable estimate for the sum of four and one eighth plus three and two thirds plus five and one half?


What is one half plus one eighth plus one eighth?

1/2 plus 1/8 plus 1/8 = 3/4

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